Industries We Serve

Kryptowire focuses on customers that have the highest privacy and security requirements, and need to comply with strict regulatory environments. With this focus, we excel in serving the following industries:


Fortune 2000 Enterprises

Large organizations with distributed and often multinational operations need to ensure employees use the latest technologies without putting corporate data and Intellectual Property at risk.

Large, global firms benefit from our automated discovering vulnerabilities while reducing the load on already-stressed internal security resources. Kryptowire’s solutions bring better returns on security efforts by providing actionable intelligence on mobile and IoT risks.


Banking/Financial Services

Strict regulatory guidelines for data privacy and protection — and heavy fines for noncompliance — drive insurance companies, banks, investment brokerages, stock exchanges and other financial services firms to use Kryptowire solutions to ensure they know all of the data collection and sharing rules of their entire mobile app portfolio.

Kryptowire’s solutions use military-grade technology and incorporates the most rigorous testing standards in the world. This gives financial services firms the comfort of knowing that as regulations for data privacy change, Kryptowire incorporates those changes automatically, ensuring continuous and maximum protection.



Hospitals, healthcare organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and military medical units rely on our solutions protect the privacy of patients and healthcare professionals while also expanding into using data collected from devices to cut the cost and improve the quality of health management in uncontrolled settings.

Healthcare organizations rely on Kryptowire’s solutions to help them navigate the threats of the mobile and IoT world without compromising the privacy and safety of employees, patients, and stakeholders. patient care for chronic illnesses.



Connecting employees across multiple plants and office facilities, plus field service locations, means that manufacturers need mobile app security and privacy protection that supports access to valuable data without compromising the security of the company.

Manufacturing firms benefit from increased security across their multiple facilities and remote locations to get work done, whether it’s at a customer site, at the top of a telephone poll, or on a ship in the middle of the ocean. Employees can accomplish their tasks and manufacturers can be assured the ways their mobile devices are capturing, storing, and sharing data meet the highest international security and privacy standards.



No other organizational environments face as many cybersecurity threats as civilian government agencies and military organizations. Kryptowire solutions ensures that government data are protected while personnel are carrying out critical work.

Kryptowire was founded in this environment, and has deep understanding of the special needs of governments and military organizations. Command centers, regional bases/offices, and field operations all work more efficiently together as Kryptowire’s solutions protect their mobile and IoT devices.



Car makers and auto suppliers use Kryptowire solutions to ensure B2B, B2C, and M2M mobile and IoT applications are free from software vulnerabilities. As cars themselves become “smarter,” software assurance throughout the supply chain and the software development lifecycle becomes even more critical. Kryptowire tests in-house-developed mobile and IoT applications and 3rd party applications without requiring access to source code.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is in effect as of May 25, 2018. Are your mobile apps GDPR compliant?