Device Security

Kryptowire Partners with Qualcomm to Address Mobile Device Security

Today’s mobile security solutions attempt to address continuous validation and protection for mobile apps and devices by focusing on developing capabilities that operate within the High Level Operating Systems (HLOS). This includes technologies for multi-factor authentication and malware detection. While these approaches have merit, they are not sufficient to fully address zero-day threats. Attackers often undermine or disable HLOS-based security by modifying the kernel and installing rootkits, thereby compromising security for the Government and industry. Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and Kryptowire have demonstrated the use of a hardware-anchored Mission-Critical-Grade Security Layer (MCGSL) to address these types of zero-day threats on commercial mobile devices by leveraging the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Security Platform and extending Qualcomm Technologies’ commercial capabilities to Kryptowire’s military-grade mobile application security testing platform.


Qualcomm Technologies’ MCGSL framework provides APIs to Kryptowire’s mobile application platform, allowing for continuous validation and monitoring of third-party apps, run-time integrity checking of the device, and continuous authentication of the user leveraging multiple biometric and contextual factors. These solutions operate at a deeper execution level, resulting in improved resilience to rootkit evasion and disablement.