Kryptowire was founded to solve a critical business problem: how to allow enterprise workers to take full advantage of mobile computing without putting themselves and their company at risk.

The number of mobile apps being used by enterprises is continuously rising, making it almost impossible for companies with large workforces to manually test every mobile app on every device for compliance with government and industry security and privacy standards and regulations. That’s where Kryptowire comes in. We automatically detect security vulnerabilities in mobile apps and IoT devices before it’s too late.

Kryptowire was jumpstarted by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS S&T). We provide automated military-grade software assurance and compliance testing technologies to private and public sector organizations. We believe everyone deserves the highest level of security and privacy possible.

Kryptowire was founded in 2011, is based in Tysons Corner, Virginia, and has a customer base ranging from government agencies to national cable TV companies.