Q. Can I integrate Kryptowire software assurance technologies with my existing MAM or MDM?
A. Yes. We provide an API that all major MAM/MDM vendors can use to make better-informed security-related policy and enforcement decisions.

Q. Why do I need the Kryptowire tools? Our developers have already tested our apps.
A. Having an independent, unbiased risk assessment of your application has been proven to save money and avoid compliance issues.

Q. What platforms do you cover?
A. Android, iOS, and Windows.

Q. Do you need source code to perform testing?
A. No.

Q. What security standards do you use to perform testing?
A. We test mobile apps in accordance with NIST and NIAP security standards.

Q. Can you test third party apps without having access to source code?
A. Yes. For both iOS and Android, Microsoft is in beta.

Q. Are Kryptowire tools available as a service?
A. Yes.

Q. Do you offer an on-prem solution?
A. Yes.